I’m Mike Voisin, author of the GED-GEN program. By way of background, I have over thirty years experience as a software engineer.  Genealogy is one of my hobbies, which I started in earnest in 1994.

By 2000 I published my family tree on the Internet. Unfortunately there were no software tools then that did precisely what I wanted. So I created GED-GEN, a Windows program to automatically generate a genealogy website. It converts a GEDCOM data file to a series of web pages in family group sheet format. Since 2002, people from all over the world have used GED-GEN for their websites.

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  1. Hi there, Mike

    Sometime since I have visited GED-GEN site and I notice that there is a new version. I have been using 1.7. How can I get notifications of new/update versions?
    Can I install the new version over 1.7 without upsetting my custom settings?
    Also is the place to place new topics in the blog?

    Ian Bell

    • Hi Ian,

      There are several ways to get GED-GEN update notifications. Check the Resources page for details.

      You can install a new version over an earlier version and it will not modify your customizations. However it’s always a good idea to back up your options set periodically.

      I use the blog format rather than a message board. If you have an issue to report, please e-mail me at I will blog about the issues and questions I receive and then anyone can leave comments about them.

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