Recommended Download Current Version 1.8.1


GED-GEN-18-1.exe (Version 1.8.1)

This is the installation file, and the only file most users need to download.

Once you download this file, double-click on it to install GED-GEN on your computer. It includes an un-install program if you want to easily remove the program later. It also includes the Help Facility, and multimedia configuration files.

Help Facility

ged-gen.chm (Version 1.8.1)

This is a Windows "compiled help module" that explains the options available with GED-GEN. This file is included when you install GED-GEN. To view it, simply run GED-GEN and click the Help button.

If you have not installed GED-GEN you can learn about its features by downloading this Help Facility. You can also Preview the Help Facility online without downloading it.

Once you download this file, Windows may prevent you from viewing it. If so, right-click on the file and choose Properties. Under "Security" click the Unblock button.

Multimedia Configuration Files (Version 1.8)

These are default initialization and object files used by GED-GEN to display various items in your multimedia gallery web pages. They are included when you install GED-GEN.

If you have since modified them and now want to restore the default files, you can download them here. Uncompress the contents of this file into your GED-GEN installation folder, which is usually C:\Program Files\GED-GEN\.


GED-GEN-18.exe (Version 1.8)

This is a previous (older) version of the program.


GED-GEN-17.exe (Version 1.7)

This is a previous (older) version of the program.

Custom Feature Index Icons (Version 1.7)

These are old-style icons used to emphasize individuals on the index web pages, who have associated links, images and text. They were generated in version 1.7. Version 1.8 generates a new style of icon. These older icons are available to those who want to continue using them.

Old Style: icon   icon   icon   icon   icon   icon   icon

New Style: icon   icon   icon   icon   icon   icon   icon

Once you download the file, uncompress it and copy the image files to your destination folder, which is the folder where GED-GEN creates your web page files. If you use a file prefix different than "grp" when you generate your pages, rename these image files to use your file prefix. For example grpb.gif might be famb.gif if your file prefix is set to fam.

GED-GEN 1.8 is also available from the following websites:

Get it from CNET!


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