You can receive notifications about GED-GEN updates and the latest news through several channels.

System Menu

While running GED-GEN, click the System menu, the small icon on the title bar, and choose Check for Updates. That directs you to the news and errata page.

Join the GED-GEN notification e-mail list at Google Groups:

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Or, receive update notifications by E-Mail without joining Google Groups. This is the preferred method for new subscribers. It will eventually replace the Google Groups mailing list.

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User Websites

See how others have used GED-GEN to create their own websites:

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Compare GED-GEN features and operation with other similar programs:

Gentools: Tools voor Genealogen is an excellent Belgian website that compares several website generators.



There are several utility programs available that allow you to filter and manipulate your GEDCOM files. You may wish to remove sensitive information from your GEDCOM file before using GED-GEN.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) utilities allow you to transfer your web page files to your website at your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Data compression utilities allow you to compress files. They are useful for bundling your web page files for transfer to your website, especially if you have hundreds of files.


Website Hosting Providers

Get more space for your family tree web pages! Sign up with a hosting provider. You can even create your own domain name like I recommend 1&1 for Web Hosting or HostGator.

(Use coupon code MYGENEALOGYSITE to save 25% at HostGator)

Other Resources

Cyndi's List provides extensive references for GEDCOM files and web page generators.

Cyndi's Genealogy Home Page Construction Kit by Cyndi Howells provides tips, hints, links and more to help you create your personal genealogy home page.

If you like GED-GEN, feel free to add a link on your website. Copy and paste the link below to your web page. Then right-click the image and choose to save it to your computer. Please do not link directly to the image on this website.

GED-GEN Family Tree Websites

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