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Current version: 1.8.1

News and Errata

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After your 30-day trial period, you can register your copy of GED-GEN online via PayPal. Use the Pay Now button on the registration page. Your registration code will be sent to you automatically.

Windows 7 or later

Due to User Account Control (UAC) in Windows version 7 or later, you must install GED-GEN in a folder other than the "Program Files" folder. Otherwise you will not be able to easily view your generated web pages, or register the program.

When installing GED-GEN, choose the option to install it in another folder, like C:\GED-GEN, rather than in the "Program Files" folder where it installs by default. If you already installed GED-GEN, simply un-install it, then re-install it.

30,000 Individuals

If your GEDCOM file contains more than 30,000 individuals, the Surnames and Index pages will be incomplete. A problem was discovered in a system library that causes individuals and families to be removed from the index. Your family group sheet pages are not affected.

Until the next version of GED-GEN is availble, if you have more than 30,000 individuals, please contact me me for a replacement program file.


The new GED-GEN Blog is now available. I provide tips and how-to articles for using GED-GEN. I also address frequently asked questions and discuss issues and work-arounds.

Family Tree Maker Users

An update, GED-GEN Version 1.8.1, resolves an issue with Family Tree Maker 2011 where fact description fields result in malformed place names. Version 1.8.1 is available for download.

RootsMagic Users

While GED-GEN was being developed, RootsMagic changed the way it exports source citations to a GEDCOM file. The initial revisions of version 4.0 included source templates, but these have since been removed.

As of version, RootsMagic still does not export source citations properly, either with or without source templates. In GED-GEN, please choose the option for RootsMagic and not RootsMagic Templates. See the "Special Processing" option under GEDCOM on the Program tab.

GED-GEN removes empty space and extraneous punctuation in the source citations exported by RootsMagic. Your citations and bibliography entries may be worded strangely, but all the information is still present.


Revised: February 18, 2018
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