GED-GEN is a program that creates customized web pages. Use it to make your own family tree website. By publishing your genealogy on the Internet, you can easily share it with relatives and fellow researchers, who are often distant cousins.

GED-GEN is short for "GEDCOM Web Page Generator." It reads a GEDCOM file, which you create using your favorite genealogy software. GED-GEN web pages are in family group sheet format. You can seamlessly integrate them into your family tree website.

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Why publish my family tree on the Internet? (Answer)

Why publish my family tree on the Internet? (Hide)

What if I don't have a website? (Answer)

What if I don't have a website? (Hide)

What if my favorite genealogy program already generates web pages? (Answer)

What if my favorite genealogy program already generates web pages? (Hide)

Please contact support@ged-gen.com if you have questions.


GED-GEN Overview

  1. Use your favorite genealogy program to create and maintain your family tree.
  2. When you are ready to publish your family tree as an Internet website, export your family data to a GEDCOM file.
  3. Run GED-GEN and specify the name of the GEDCOM file and the folder where GED-GEN should place the generated web pages. Choose any other options to customize your web pages.
  4. GED-GEN will read your GEDCOM file and generate a series of family group sheet web pages.



Features Tour
Features Tour
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Help Facility

GED-GEN is a shareware program. The unregistered version provides basic features to create appealing web pages. The registered version provides more features.

Registered and unregistered features include:



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GED-GEN is intended for those who maintain their own websites. If you use your favorite genealogy program to create web pages at a commercial genealogy website, you might be restricted from incorporating GED-GEN family pages. You can still use GED-GEN to view, but not edit, the contents of a GEDCOM file.


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