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GEDCOM File Information

GEDCOM Information

The GEDCOM File Information dialog appears when you click Info on the Files tab.

Field Meaning
Created By This group of fields indicates the genealogy software program that created this GEDCOM file. It includes the product name, its version, the date the GEDCOM file was created, and the original file name. The Source ID is a code that indicates the program that created the file while the Destination ID indicates the intended program to read the data.
Data This indicates the source of the GEDCOM data and the date it was submitted, as well as the number of individuals and families present in the file.
GEDCOM Standard This indicates the version number of the GEDCOM Standard used in this GEDCOM file, the character set encoding and the language used.
Family Reference Numbers

This is a summary of the family reference numbers used within the GEDCOM file.

There are three types of family reference tags: User Reference Numbers (REFN), Record ID Numbers (RIN), and Custom tags, if defined. For each type, GED-GEN determines whether the tag exists, and if it does, whether it appears in all family records or just some records. It also indicates whether the value of each tag is unique among all tags found of that type.

You can use this analysis to determine which method to use to name your family web page files. See Family Page References under GEDCOM on the Program tab and the discussion on Family Page References.

Notes The bottom area displays notes included about this GEDCOM file, if any.