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Files Tab

Files Tab

Use the Files tab to specify the name of your GEDCOM file and where GED-GEN should place the web pages it generates.

Option Meaning
GEDCOM Input File Specify your GEDCOM file. Include its full folder path or click Browse to locate the file. The information in this file will be used to generate your family pages in HTML format.

Click Info to display information about the GEDCOM file. (See GEDCOM File Information.)

Destination Folder Specify a folder into which the generated web page files will be placed. This should be a full folder path. Click Browse to locate an existing folder.

To create a new folder, you may type it directly into the field. Or, click Browse to locate an existing folder as above, then type the name of the new folder at the end of the string.

GED-GEN will overwrite any existing files of the same name in the destination folder without prompting you. If you want to keep your existing family pages, choose a different destination folder before generating your family pages a second time.

GED-GEN will not delete existing files that are no longer used in the destination folder. Residual files may occur if you specify a different GEDCOM file having fewer families or the families are numbered differently. You may wish to delete all appropriate files in the destination path before generating family pages a second time.

The folder you specify here is used to determine relative folder paths for several other options.

Options Set

Your option selections are stored in a file and automatically recalled whenever you start GED-GEN. Click New to create another set, or click Open to recall a previously created options set.

Click Summary to generate and display a summary of all options currently in effect. You can also use this feature to review the contents of an options set when you use several different files.

You can use your computer's file explorer to copy an options set. This is useful when you want to try different combinations of options to pick the best presentation for your website.

As a precaution, GED-GEN makes a backup copy of the current options set. This is done before the options set is first modified. The backup file is named the same as the options set, except the file name extension is ".old". It is placed in the home folder, which is the folder where GED-GEN was installed (typically C:\Program Files\GED-GEN).

You can use the backup file to recover your original options set after modifying it or to restore a file you accidently deleted. Simply use your computer's file explorer to rename it from ".old" to ".dat". Since the backup file may be overwritten the next time you start GED-GEN, you must recover it immediately.