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System Menu

System Menu Commands

GED-GEN provides other commands, which are rarely needed. To access them, click the system menu, which is the small icon in the upper left corner of the GED-GEN program. To access this menu without using your mouse, press the ALT+SPACE key combination.

Command Meaning
Restore Allows you to restore the program to full view when it appears as an icon on the task bar.
Move Allows you to move the GED-GEN window to a different position on the screen.
Minimize Allows you to minimizes the program so it appears as an icon on the task bar.
Close Exits the program.
Maintain... Brings up the GED-GEN Maintenance dialog where you can control history lists and set log file options.
Check for Updates Brings up your Internet browser and checks the GED-GEN website for any version updates, news and errata.
Register... Brings up the Register dialog, where you can either print a registration form, or enter your registration code.
About... Brings up the About dialog that provides program version information.