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How To Register

Registration Dialog

Please follow these simple steps to register your copy of GED-GEN:

  1. First visit the GED-GEN website On the WWW for up-to-date information:

    1. Learn about online and credit card payment options
    2. Download the latest version of the program
    3. Verify the mailing address in step 2d is still current

    If the website address has changed, find its new location by searching for "GED-GEN" using an Internet search engine like Google On the 

  2. If you pay by check or money order:

    1. Start your copy of GED-GEN and click the Register button.

    2. Fill in the registration form by providing your:

      • Name
      • Postal address  and/or  E-Mail address

      Your postal address is optional if you supply an E-Mail address. For foreign addresses, please include your country name and appropriate postal codes.

    3. Print the registration form by clicking Print Form... just below the input fields. If you do not have a printer, or the form did not print successfully, please write the above information on a separate sheet of paper.

    4. Enclose the registration form along with a check or money order for $20.00 per copy (each license) and mail to:

      Mike Voisin
      132 Lovvorn Lane
      Huntsville, AL 35806 USA

      Payment must be made in US dollars only. Stamps, and checks or money orders drawn on foreign banks cannot be accepted. International money orders are acceptable as long as they are drawn on US funds. Online payment via the GED-GEN website is recommended for foreign users.

  3. If you pay online with PayPal or credit card:

    1. Visit GED-GEN.com On the WWW

    2. Click the Pay Now button on the registration page to pay via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account if you are paying by credit card.

      The Pay Now button is pre-configured for payment details and you will automatically receive your registration code via e-mail.

  4. Upon receipt of payment, you will receive a registration code via e-mail. If you do not provide an e-mail address, the registration code will be sent via regular mail.

  5. When you receive your registration code, run GED-GEN and click the Register button again. This time enter the registration code in the field near the bottom. To save typing, you may copy (CTRL+C) the code from your e-mail program and paste it into GED-GEN by clicking Paste.

Once you enter your registration code, the Register button will change to the About button. If you later wish to purchase additional licenses, you may re-print the registration form. You can access the registration dialog by clicking the About button.