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Problem Reports and Feature Suggestions

If you find a problem with GED-GEN, please send an e-mail to support@GED-GEN.com. Please include the following information:

  1. The version number of GED-GEN (e.g., 1.8). You can find this number in the title bar at the very top of the GED-GEN dialog.

  2. A complete description of the problem.

  3. The steps you took that caused the problem to occur.

  4. The genealogy software that produced the GEDCOM file, and its version number (e.g., Family Tree Maker version 2009).

  5. If desired, attach a copy of your GEDCOM file to the e-mail. This will help me reproduce the problem.

An important goal in developing GED-GEN was flexibility. If you're like me, you find many software programs don't do exactly what you want. Unfortunately complete flexibility leads to complicated configuration options. I have tried to balance flexibility with certain fixed features. If you find GED-GEN still doesn't do exactly what you want, please submit a problem report as described above. I will consider making custom changes for registered users.