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GED-GEN is a shareware program. If you continue to use this software after an initial 30-day trial period, you must pay a $20.00 registration fee. Your registration will also unlock the following features:

Important Disclosures
  1. No Refund: You should fully evaluate GED-GEN's usefulness during the 30-day trial period. There is no refund once you register and I send your registration code.

  2. E-Mail Address: Please specify your correct e-mail address. Double-check the spelling. If you supply an incorrect e-mail address, I will not be able to contact you with your registration code.

  3. Spam Blockers: If you use a program that blocks unwanted e-mails (i.e., spam), please make allowance to receive your registration code in an e-mail from Mike Voisin (mvoisin@hiwaay.net). Note that your Internet provider may also filter e-mails.

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