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Dates Tab


Use this tab to change the way dates are formatted on your family pages.

Option Description
Convert GEDCOM month names

The dates in your GEDCOM file are in a format like 10 JAN 2000. You can display the month in a different format. Choose from these options:

Option Meaning
GEDCOM Default The date is displayed as it appears in the GEDCOM file, without translation.
Abbreviated name 10 Jan 2000
The month is changed to a three-letter abbreviation in normal case.
Abbreviated name, uppercase 10 JAN 2000
The month is changed to a three-letter abbreviation in uppercase. This is equivalent to GEDCOM Default, except the month is translated for non-english users.
Full name 10 January 2000
The month is changed to its full name.
Full name, uppercase 10 JANUARY 2000
The month is changed to its full name in uppercase.

With all options except GEDCOM Default, the month will be translated to the local language. This allows non-english users to display dates using month names in their own language.

The GEDCOM standard also allows dates in French and Hebrew. You should choose GEDCOM Default if your GEDCOM file uses those calendar systems.

Enable date formatting

When GED-GEN encounters any standard GEDCOM terms in a date field, it displays them in a more consistent and readable format. Often these terms are abbreviations that a visitor to your website might not understand.

For example if the date "CA 4 JUL 1776" appears in your GEDCOM file, it is displayed as "about 04 JUL 1776."

You should change the "GEDCOM terms" in the left-hand columns only if your genealogy software uses different terms when exporting to a GEDCOM file. For example if you use The Master Genealogist program, you may want to change BET to BETWEEN and & to AND.

You may change any terms in the right-hand columns to suit your taste. You can even specify abbreviations if you prefer them.