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Icons Tab


For individuals who have any custom features defined, GED-GEN can display icons next to their names in the index. This emphasizes the individuals who have pictures, additional text and links to your other web pages. Visitors can see at a glance which family pages provide extra information.

Check the Display custom icons on the Index pages box to enable icons. One or more icons will appear next to an individual's name in the index depending on the custom features associated with that individual. You can display either graphical images or textual icons:

Abraham (1809 - 1865) Biography Narrative Image Group Text Sixteenth President
Abraham (1809 - 1865) Bio Nar Img Grp Txt Fam Ind Sixteenth President

Custom feature icons may appear in conjunction with Multimedia Gallery Icons.

Option Meaning
Display images

Choose this option to display icons using graphical images. GED-GEN provides a default set of images:

Biography = Biography link
Narrative = Narrative link
Image = Individual image
Group = Group image
Text = Text

The text fields on this tab are the alternate text phrases displayed when the icon image is not available, or when you hold the mouse over an icon. (This depends on the Internet browser.) Customize the alternate text by changing any of these text fields.

Display letters or text phrases

Rather than images, choose this option to display a textual icon. For instance you could display the letter B for a biography link or a phrase like Bio or (Bio) or Biography.

Specify your textual phrases in the fields on this tab corresponding to each icon. For example, place a B in the "Biography Link" field. You can use HTML formatting.

There is no icon for relationship text because that text already appears in the index. If you want to omit a particular icon, leave its corresponding text field empty. For instance if you don't want the imported text icon to appear, clear the "Imported Text" field.

An icon appears if the corresponding feature is defined for an individual on at least one family page, but not necessarily their main family page. For instance if a child appears on a family page with a group image, that individual will have a group image icon. The index page link however will lead to their spousal family page, which may not have a group image.

If you want a legend that describes what each icon means, you must provide one yourself. You can add such a legend in your index page introductory text. (See the Headers tab.) Here is an example legend you can copy and paste into your index page introduction:

<div style="text-align:center;">
<img src="grpb.gif" alt="Biography" title="Biography"> = Biography  
<img src="grpi.gif" alt="Individual Image" title="Individual Image"> = Individual Image  
<img src="grpn.gif" alt="Narrative" title="Narrative"> = Narrative  
<img src="grpt.gif" alt="Text" title="Text"> = Text  
<img src="grpg.gif" alt="Group Image" title="Group Image"> = Family Group Image<br>
<img src="grpgi.gif" alt="Individual Gallery" title="Individual Gallery"> = Individual Gallery  
<img src="grpgf.gif" alt="Family Gallery" title="Family Gallery"> = Family Gallery

If you use images, each icon is a separate .GIF image file that is created in the destination folder along with your family pages. You can provide your own icons by simply replacing these files with images you create. However you must name your image files the same corresponding name:

File* Icon Description
b.gif B for Biography. This individual has a link to a biography web page.
n.gif N for Narrative. This individual appears on a family page that has a link to a family narrative web page.
i.gif I for Image. This individual has an image.
g.gif G for Group. This individual appears on a family page that has a group image.
t.gif T for Text. This individual appears on a family page that has text that was imported from an external file.

* Each file name includes the file prefix you specified on the Attributes tab. For example the biography icon would be named grpb.gif if the file prefix is grp.