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History Lists

GED-GEN keeps a list of the files and folders you specify for certain options. To see a history list, click the down-arrow button on most fields that request a file or folder. You can quickly select something you previously entered, without having to browse for it again. This is useful when you are experimenting with different settings, like choosing between different background image files.

History lists are maintained across different option set files. For example if you create a new options set, you can quickly choose the files and folders you specified in an older options set.


When you choose an item from a history list, its relative folder path is not re-calculated. If the list item was created under a given destination folder and you have since changed that path, your web pages may not display properly. Always verify any relative folder path in the history list item you select.

You can adjust the maximum number of items in a history list and even clear all the lists using the maintenance command.