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What is GED-GEN?

GED-GEN = GEDCOM web page GENerator

GED-GEN is a program that generates web pages from a genealogy data file. The data file is in a format known as GEDCOM, which stands for Genealogical Data Communication. The GEDCOM format is a means for different genealogy programs to share data.

Use your favorite genealogy program, such as Family Tree Maker or Personal Ancestral File, to export your family data to a GEDCOM file. Then use GED-GEN to convert your GEDCOM file to a series of web pages. Each web page is a family group sheet for one family in your family tree. A family group sheet is a common way to present genealogical data. You can use the generated web pages as part of your own genealogy website.

GED-GEN is intended for those who create and maintain their own independent websites. If you use your favorite genealogy program to create web pages at a commercial genealogy website, you might be restricted from incorporating GED-GEN family pages.

You can also use GED-GEN to view the contents of a GEDCOM file you received from another researcher, without importing it into your favorite genealogy program.

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