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Individual Images Tab

Individual Images

You can include a picture of an individual next to that individual's name on your family pages. These images are intended to be separate from any "scrapbook" feature you may use in your favorite genealogy program. Therefore GED-GEN does not currently use multimedia records that might be in your GEDCOM file. In fact many GEDCOM files will not contain images.

Instead, GED-GEN relies on separate image files you keep elsewhere on your website. You will define the name of an image file for each desired individual. Not every individual need have an image. This is an example of how images will look:

 02  (M): Jacob Doe
    Born: 12 FEB 1884
          . . .
 03  (M): Joseph Doe
    Born: 04 JUL 1886
          . . .

Since these images will appear on your family pages, each image file should be small. For best results all image files should be sized consistently. GED-GEN does not re-scale or manipulate your images. However it does attempt to determine their sizes. It uses this information to better display images. GED-GEN can read only GIF and JPEG images. These files usually have the extension .gif, .jpg or .jpeg. If it cannot find your specified image file, or it is not a GIF or JPEG image, GED-GEN will not determine its size, but it will still be displayed.

An image width of 50 to 75 pixels works well. You will need to use an image editing program to crop and re-scale your pictures. If you re-scale your images, remember to maintain the aspect ratio. This will keep the height in proportion to the width without stretching the image.

Option Meaning
Registered version only Include images Place a check here to enable image processing. When generating family pages, GED-GEN will add the corresponding image next to an individual's name.
Relative folder path for image files

Specify the folder where your image files reside. This must be a relative folder path. Click Browse to automatically determine the relative path.

Leave this option blank if your image files are in the same folder as your family pages, that is, in the destination folder.

Registered version only = Feature is available only in the registered version.