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Group Images Tab

Group Images

You can include a family group picture on each family page. This could be a family portrait or a wedding picture.

The John & Sally Doe Family
 Husband: John Doe
    Born: 04 JUL 1876
. . .

For best results, images should be a reasonable size to minimize download time for your website visitors. An image width of 300 to 400 pixels works well. You can use an image editing program to crop and re-scale your pictures. If you re-scale your images, remember to maintain the aspect ratio. This will keep the height in proportion to the width without stretching the image.

Option Meaning
Include group images Place a check here to enable image processing. When generating family pages, GED-GEN will add the corresponding image to the family page.
Position Select the place where the group image should appear, either above or below the family group sheet area.
Relative folder path for image files

Specify the folder where your group image files reside. This must be a relative folder path. Click Browse to automatically determine the relative path.

This path may be the same path you specified for individual images. Leave this field blank if your image files are in the same folder as your family pages, that is, in the destination folder.