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This command launches your Internet browser and loads the GED-GEN log. The log is created when you use the Generate command. It has three pages that summarize the results of generating web pages:

Page Contents
Summary Page 1 provides links to start navigating your web pages. Depending on the options you chose, it includes links to the Surname, Index, and Bibliography pages, and your home page. It also lists statistics about the generated web pages and any Warning Messages.
Individuals Page 2 summarizes all individuals generated. Only individuals who actually appear on a family page are listed. Any custom features defined for an individual are also listed. Use this to verify your customizations are correct.

A link is provided to each family page on which the individual would appear as a spouse and/or a child. Use this to add links from your other web pages to a particular family page. Of course if a given family page was not generated, its link may result in a "Page not found" error. However at least one of the listed links will be valid.

Families Page 3 summarizes all families generated. It lists only families having an actual family page. As with individuals, it also lists any custom features defined for each family.

You can control how the tables of individuals and families are sorted. Refer to the program Maintenance facility.

For a description of any warning messages, see Warning Messages.

The log pages are created in the GED-GEN home folder, which is where the program itself resides (usually C:\Program Files\GED-GEN). They are not intended for use as actual web pages. The links you see have been translated relative to the home folder, not your destination folder. Thus they will result in a "Page not found" error if you transfer the log pages to your website.

The log is overwritten each time you use the Generate command. To save the pages for later use, use your browser's Save As... command. You can also simply copy each file to another folder. The file name is displayed at the top of each page.