Jun 122011

If you want more control over what is generated for individuals in your GEDCOM file, use your favorite genealogy program to export only the desired individuals and/or information about them. Or, use any of the widely available programs that change a GEDCOM file by filtering such information.

For instance you could use your genealogy program to create a report listing only living individuals. You could then export the individuals in that report to a GEDCOM file and then run GED-GEN.

Jun 122011

After you use GED-GEN to generate your family pages, you may wish to include HTML links to these pages within other web pages on your website. For instance if you have a biographical web page for an ancestor, you might have a link to their corresponding family page.

Keep in mind that if you update your family data, re-export a GEDCOM file, and re-run GED-GEN, the files generated may have different names.

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