Oct 022011

Most genealogy software programs do not adhere to all aspects of the GEDCOM standard.  One subtlety in the standard is the interpretation of “primary” genealogical facts.

When you export a GEDCOM file from your genealogy program, it may not specify primary facts properly.  If it doesn’t, your GED-GEN web pages may display secondary facts instead.

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Jun 122011

While GED-GEN was being developed, RootsMagic changed the way it exports source citations to a GEDCOM file. The initial revisions of version 4.0 included source templates, but these have since been removed.

As of version, RootsMagic still does not export source citations properly, either with or without source templates. In GED-GEN, please choose the option for RootsMagic and not RootsMagic Templates. See the “Special Processing” option under GEDCOM on the Program tab.

GED-GEN removes empty space and extraneous punctuation in the source citations exported by RootsMagic. Your citations and bibliography entries may be worded strangely, but all the information is still present.