Sep 062011

A problem with GED-GEN was reported when using GEDCOM files downloaded from  When you export a GEDCOM file from, the file may not include all required family records.

Normally a GEDCOM file is “self-contained.”  That is, if a family record is referenced within the file, that family record should also exist within the same file.  In many cases I found that a record for an individual referenced other spousal family records.  However those family records were not included in the same GEDCOM file.

Although GED-GEN performs extensive error checking, the unexpected absence of the whole family record causes a problem.  This error condition will be corrected in the next release of GED-GEN.

As a temporary work-around to this problem, if you export a GEDCOM file from, please import that file into your genealogy software program as a new, temporary database.  Then export a new GEDCOM file from your genealogy program, which should produce a valid GEDCOM file.  Finally, run GED-GEN using the valid GEDCOM.

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