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After you set the options for multimedia galleries, you may find that GED-GEN still does not generate your gallery web pages.

The reason is, GED-GEN relies on a “scrapbook” flag that most genealogy programs use to determine whether a particular item is included in its scrapbook.

However some genealogy programs, and online family tree websites, may not include such a flag in the GEDCOM file they produce. By default, GED-GEN assumes a multimedia item should not be included in the gallery if the scrapbook flag is absent.  The original intent of this behavior was for privacy. It was thought an item should be excluded unless it is specifically included.

In fact, a scrapbook flag is not actually part of the GEDCOM standard and is therefore a proprietary flag. Its value will vary between genealogy software programs and it may be absent altogether.

Unfortunately if your GEDCOM file does not include scrapbook flags, the default behavior of GED-GEN is to exclude your multimedia items. Instead, you must set the option to ignore scrapbook flags and include all multimedia items.

To do this in GED-GEN 1.8 or 1.8.1, click the Options button, then the Features tab.  On the Features tab, click the Multimedia tab, then the Gallery tab. Place a check mark in the option for Ignore “Scrapbook” flag (i.e., include all media).

Now when you generate your web pages, your multimedia gallery pages should also be generated.  If not, check the following:

  • Your GEDCOM file must include multimedia records. Not all genealogy software includes multimedia items when you export a GEDCOM file.
  • You must enable multimedia galleries in general.  Ensure there is a check mark in the option Enable multimedia galleries on the Gallery tab.
  • You must separately enable each type of multimedia gallery you want to generate. This is done with the Enable multimedia galleries option on each of the Individuals, Families, Citations and Bibliography tabs.
  • If you exclude living individuals for privacy reasons, and all your multimedia items are associated with living individuals, then of course no multimedia galleries will be generated.

Additionally, your genealogy program may use a different value for the scrapbook flag itself. For GED-GEN to recognize the flag, it must know which value your genealogy program uses. Click the Program tab, then the GEDCOM tab. Under the Special processing option, select the name of your genealogy program. If the value Normal (Default) does not work, and you do not see your program listed, please contact me and I will provide a customized value for your genealogy program.

  2 Responses to “ISSUE: My Galleries are not being Generated”

  1. Love you program., but i do have a question.

    I’m using family tree maker 2014 and have linked the correct photos to the correct persons and set the profile image for each person. What I would like to do with ged-gen is generate a separate free website with a individual image on the group page as the profile image. Not sure what you can do with the group image. I see that I need to set the Ignore “Scrapbook” flag to include all media.

    Do you need to provide me with customized value for “special processing” setting to generate the individual images?

    Thank you
    David Thomas

    • Hi David, It’s best if you e-mail me a segment of your GEDCOM file that shows a representative individual and the multimedia records it contains ( There’s always been a problem with the way FTM exports multimedia, so I don’t know what 2014 is exporting. Also, the group image is the image that appears at the top (or bottom) of the family group sheet. If you want an individual’s image to appear there instead, you would have to add that individual’s image as the family group image.

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