Jun 122011

Please be aware of the following condition when you export a GEDCOM file using Family Historian version 4.1.3. An individual’s complete name is included in a NAME record as expected. However Family Historian apparently does not process certain optional parts of a name, like a separate given name and surname.

If you previously imported a GEDCOM file from another genealogy program into your Family Historian database, that file might have included separate name parts like GIVN (given name) and SURN (surname). Since you do not normally edit those fields separately in Family Historian, they may, as you make changes to your database over time, become outdated.

When you export a GEDCOM file from Family Historian, it may include those outdated fields. GED-GEN gives priority to any optional name parts it encounters. If those fields are out of date, you will see incorrect names on your generated web pages. Therefore, when you change an individual’s name in Family Historian, you should modify the given name and surname too, if those separate fields are included for the individual.

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