Jun 112011

Why don’t the links I have to GED-GEN web pages point to the correct families anymore?

If you include links to GED-GEN web pages on your own web pages, they may become invalid if you re-generate using a different GEDCOM file. Each time you export a GEDCOM file, your favorite genealogy program may renumber the families. This may happen if you add or delete families or you change which individuals are exported to the GEDCOM file.

GED-GEN uses a family reference number as the file name for each family page it generates. If this reference number changes, the name of the family web page file will also change. Consequently the link you define on your own web page must change too. You should always test the links in your own web pages after you re-generate web pages. Note the links in and between GED-GEN web pages will always be correct since they are re-generated each time.

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